The WJF Institute's offerings


wjfClient Development and Relationship Management in The "New Normal"
Two-and-half days

wjfLeading and Managing: Using Key Client Teams in The "New Normal"
Full-day workshop up to 15 participants

wjfProspecting For New Clients in the "New Normal"
Full-day workshop

wjfClient Development and Relationship Management for Associates
One Day

wjfProfessional Staff Client Development and Relationship Management Workshop
Two Days

wjfSales Training Workshop
Four Days

Bill's Books

Flannery on Business Development, Marketing, and Sales for Lawyers

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The Lawyer's Field Guide to Effective Business Development, Second Edition

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We  We created a mobile app to help lawyers with business development skills. Click this link to download the app for free!

Our Mission Statement

The WJF Institute's mission is to assist our clients to increase profits and market share using live business development simulations taught by current and former business executives, in-house lawyers and other key decision makers to deliver our important new ideas in a challenging worldwide economy.

What We Do, How We Do It And Opportunities For Our Clients In Different Industries And Professions

In challenging economic times, we approach opportunities using leading edge teaching methods. We go beyond the current relationships and solution-based business and client development models. We teach a complex and sophisticated model that wins business by changing the conversation. In a high stakes environment, we teach very smart people to develop business with their clients and prospects.

The key to winning new business is to change the conversation to market driven dialogues that emphasize ways to overcome financial and budget constraints. We have experience in the following: professional service firms, high-tech companies, financial institutions, information services providers, court reporting companies, E-Discovery document management companies, media companies and major worldwide accounting firms. There are new influential decision makers: Procurement, VP of Risk Management, CFOs, CIOs, CTOs and business executives that need to be won over with value, not discounts.

Changing The Conversation

Our changes to the traditional business development and account management models are designed to differentiate our clients from other firms that are being taught the appeasement approach which quickly becomes a price war. No other organization is teaching business development skills, tactical and strategic approaches to respond in the "New Normal" business climate. At The WJF Institute, we change the conversation to challenge prevailing price driven buying behavior. We still believe relationships are important, however, we see a need to change the direction of the conversation.

"Where Relationships Begin and Strategic Conversations Never End".

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