The WJF Institute offers a wide range of specialized workshops to help your firm become more competitive and profitable. Please Choose one of our programs from the condensed list at left or see below for some short course descriptions.

Client Development and Relationship Management in The "New Normal"

This workshop teaches lawyers to establish and develop more profitable relationships with existing and new clients. It also assists the law firm in developing and implementing a client-focused business development strategy.

Leading and Managing: Using Key Client Teams in The "New Normal"

This one-day workshop provides the law firm's management team, marketing managers, business development managers and client team managers with a detailed understanding of the best ways to implement, grow and sustain the client team effort.

Prospecting For New Clients in the "New Normal"

Train lawyers to turn prospects, social acquaintances and business acquaintances into clients of the firm.

Client Development and Relationship Management for Associates

This workshop substantially increases effectiveness and satisfaction of your firm's associate lawyers in providing legal services and in developing more profitable relationships, personally and for the firm, with clients and colleagues.

Professional Staff Client Development and Relationship Management Workshop

This workshop increases the attendees' skills in interpersonal communications. Provide your firm's senior administrative staff an overview of the information provided to the partners and associates in the Client Development and Relationship Management workshop.

Sales Training Workshop

This four-day custom-designed workshop provides Sales Executives and Global Account Managers the tools, processes, information and skills required to execute marketing plans, manage key accounts and exceed sales objectives.