Why choose The WJF Institute?

We are the leaders in training lawyers in client development and relationship management: An approach to marketing training and business development that we created to help our clients succeed.

We create more revenue opportunities, we use the highest qualified instructors, we have brought the most innovative and successful training approach to more lawyers, for a longer period of time than any other organization.

The WJF Institute recognizes the difference between salespeople, sales training, selling products and the skills that lawyers will need to develop long term client relationships. We add value by helping firms understand client-focused quality and the implementation of a client-focused business development strategy as one of the most important missions that a law firm can undertake.

We believe that work product quality and extraordinary client service will differentiate our clients from other law firms and enhance our clients' abilities to be profitable and competitive.

The WJF Institute's workshops and training differ significantly from other consultants and training organizations because:

  • We create additional revenue opportunities that can be attributed directly to the training.
  • All of our instructors are lawyers and many are current former in-house counsel.
  • As the creators of this unique training approach, we bring a fresh perspective to "business development and marketing training" by using video taping, legal case studies and role playing using mock clients.
  • Our lead workshop instructors are not the same people as the mock clients to insure a high level of realism in the role playing.
  • Our instructional tools are designed to be used after the workshop in real client interviews and business development situations.
  • Your firm will be receiving the new updated version of our course not a "cloned version" several years behind in methods, trends and ideas.
  • We are the most experienced and sought after group teaching "marketing and business development" to lawyers today.
  • We have experience working in and with the Fortune 500, governments and organizations which are representative of your firm's clients or prospective clients.
  • We have been and are currently buyers of legal services.
  • We are primarily focused on training and not other consulting activities.
  • We do not charge by the hour for our services. We work with our clients to establish a project value and bill on a value added basis.
  • We do not charge for copying costs, word processing costs, telephone calls and other administrative costs usually associated with consultants.
  • Our clients have experienced success using the approach we teach with clients that are the same or similar as your firm's clients.
  • As lead instructor, William J. Flannery has extensive experience working with law firms since 1969. He has been a trainer since 1969.
  • Our instructors have written CLE textbooks (WEST CLE publications) on the approach that is taught in our workshops.
  • Bill's ABA book "The Lawyer's Field Guide To Effective Business Development" is an ABA best seller.
  • We teach state-of-the-art techniques in communications that have been used by our clients in the courtroom, in mediation hearings and in client and business development.
  • We have trained over 16,000 lawyers since 1988.
  • We have trained the most skeptical and conservative lawyers successfully.
  • We teach this workshop all over the world to all types of law firms and to in-house counsel.
  • We are not trying to be all things to everyone. We are very focused on training and execution.
  • We have extensive contacts in the consulting community. We can assist your law firm in finding the "best of the breed" consultants for your various other needs.
  • We are not forced to cross-sell your firm services that you don't need or want.
  • We are conducting additional workshops in firms that hired us in 1988.
  • Our follow-on workshops in leadership, client teams, business development and law firm management use our introductory course as the building block for future skills.
  • Our workshops teach an ethical, non-manipulative and professional approach.
  • We believe strongly that our success is due to our own use of the approach we teach according to our clients.
  • Our workshops have received CLE credit. Each firm needs to apply for CLE credit as each state bar association has different requirements.
  • We teach in small groups with an emphasis on individual instruction. The workshop is designed for no more than 12 lawyers.