David Braun is a land conservation attorney focused on helping clients protect and create value in environmentally sensitive land.  His firm, Braun & Associates, uses conservation easements, mitigation banks and other similar approaches in real estate, tax and regulatory law to bring incentives to clients who wish to protect their land.  Braun & Associates frequently teams with larger law firms, accounting firms and other consultants to provide comprehensive services to its clients.

David joined The WJF Institute as an instructor in 1997.  He brings to his work with us extensive experience in face-to-face business development and consensus communication.  In addition to his legal practice, David has twenty-five years of experience leading, non-profit organizations as a professional and a volunteer.  Currently he provides consulting services--including strategic planning, team building, organizational development, and marketing/fundraising programs--for clients seeking to build successful non-profit organizations.

From 1988 until 1995, David served as Director of The Nature Conservancy of Texas.  Over that period, he directed a ten-fold growth in revenues, the opening of eight new offices across Texas, the addition of 50 new staff, the acquisition of $2,000,000 to $10,000,000 annually in real estate, and the creation of a new program for Mexico.  He helped the organization develop thousands of new donors and supporters.  He spoke continually in public forums, including hundreds of presentations and interviews to regional and national media, legislative hearings and business and community programs.  In the environmental arena, known for its clashes between polarized factions, David has built a reputation as a skilled consensus and coalition-builder.  His unsurpassed success in fundraising for environmental causes in Texas speaks to his skills in relationship-based business development.

David is a graduate of the University of Texas School of Law.  He began his legal career as a staff attorney for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.  He also holds an undergraduate degree in biochemistry from the University of Texas.