Client Development and Relationship Management in The "New Normal"

Quick Facts

Price: $39,500
Duration: Two-and-half days

For law firm leadership: Up to 12 partners

GOALS: To teach lawyers to establish and develop more profitable relationships with existing and new clients. To assist the law firm in developing and implementing a client-focused business development strategy in the "New Normal".

CONTENT, FORMAT and AGENDA: Communications skills tests, participatory lectures, structured group discussions, team exercises, case studies and formal business presentations (beauty contests). The training includes video taping of the participants as a self-diagnostic teaching tool and a step-by-step systematic instructional approach to teach lawyers client need analysis and solution development. The training focuses on real life experiences. Actual client case studies form the core of the training and not marketing concepts or sales tips and techniques adopted from generic marketing or corporate sales training programs.

PARTICIPANTS: Partners and selected associates. This program is designed for up to twelve lawyers per class. To maximize the law firm's benefits, the initial group should include the law firm's leadership.


  • How to manage client relationships and increase client satisfaction
  • Developing client-specific law firm service improvement strategies
  • How clients determine value and successful fee negotiating strategies
  • Creating and participating on client service improvement teams
  • Listening and interpersonal communications skills improvement
  • How clients and prospective clients make legal services buying decisions
  • Understanding how to change buyer behavior
  • How to do needs analysis interviews with clients and prospective clients
  • How to win new clients and compete in "beauty contests"
  • How to use these newly learned skills effectively and immediately
  • Designing and implementing client-focused service plans firm-wide
  • Follow-up sessions to ensure that these new skills are used
  • How to measure the effectiveness of the firm's client development efforts
  • How to adopt and adapt these unique approaches in the "New Normal"

INSTRUCTORS: The WJF Institute's instructors are experienced and knowledgeable in law firm management, law firms, law, marketing, management and business. They have had career experience as:

  • Partners in law firms
  • In-house counsel in business and government
  • Fortune 500 business and marketing executives
  • Corporate training or law and business school instructors