Professional Staff Client Development and Relationship Management Workshop

Quick Facts

Price: $15,000 + reasonable travel for one WJF Institute workshop leader
Duration: Two Days

Up to 10 staff members

GOAL: To provide your firm's professional development, business development and marketing staff an overview of the agenda, logistics, tools, processes, and information that will be provided to the partners and associates in the Client Development and Relationship Management (CD&RM) course.

CONTENT AND FORMAT: Web-based pre-training questionnaire to determine the needs of each attendee.  Personal communication style assessment of each attendee.  This workshop includes an overview of the lawyer CD&RM workshop agenda, content and the experience the lawyers will have during the 14.5 hours that they will spend.

PARTICIPANTS: The workshop is designed for up to 10 staff members.

LENGTH OF WORKSHOP: The length of the workshop is two days, starting at 9 AM and ending by 6 PM, with appropriate breaks and a working lunch.


  • Overview of the pre-training assessment questionnaire
  • The CD&RM workshop agenda overview
  • Workshop objectives and instructional styles
  • Selecting the lawyers to attend the first workshops
  • Determining how to select the client teams and the roles of the lawyers
  • Discussion of the lawyer participation
  • Overview of the CD&RM process for business development
  • The case study fact set and the videotaping schedule
  • Overview of the resources that the lawyers will be provided
  • Logistical considerations and scheduling
  • Client relationship management opportunities
  • Client needs interviewing and feedback
  • Support required to insure an excellent lawyer experience
  • What clients value from their lawyers and law firm
  • Overview of the Client Service Improvement Planning Process (CSIP)
  • How to implement client-focused teams
  • How to structure the transition within the firm to a more client-focused approach to business development
  • How to lead the client-team efforts on a firm-wide basis
  • Follow-up support provided by the WJF Institute
  • Overview of the Client Service Team workshop
  • Leadership's role in driving the client team's execution of the CSIPs