Prospecting For New Clients in the "New Normal"

Quick Facts

Price: $8,500
Duration: Full-day workshop

GOAL: Help lawyers to turn prospects, social acquaintances and business acquaintances into long-term clients. This workshop will give each lawyer the appropriate tools, process, skills and information to successfully get new clients. The lawyers will learn how buyers buy in sole proprietorships, small to very large privately held companies, The Global 1000, Government, nonprofits, partnerships and high net-worth individuals.

CONTENT AND FORMAT: Lecture and interactive workshop with an emphasis on making actual calls during and after the completion of the workshop.

PARTICIPANTS: The workshop is designed for 15 lawyers who have attended The WJF Institute's introductory course, Client Development and Relationship Management. If the lawyers have not attended the aforementioned workshop we will extend the Prospecting workshop by one hour to include the communication module.

LENGTH OF WORKSHOP: One eight hour day.


  • Understanding the successful prospecting process
  • Selecting and qualifying profitable prospects in various types of business
  • Creating and using a prospecting database
  • Managing your appointment calendar and the prospecting pipeline
  • Researching a prospect's legal needs beforehand efficiently
  • Developing successful telephone and appointment approaches for prospects
  • Conducting successful face-to-face appointments with prospects
  • Developing various approaches to different C-Suite Executives:
    • Procurement
    • Risk Management
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Marketing and Sales
    • Operations and Manufacturing
    • Human Resources
    • IT Infrastructure
    • World Trade and Foreign Offices
    • Research and Development
  • Developing and presenting solutions to prospects
  • Creating a client-focused service plan for new prospective clients
  • Using legal project management software (LPM) and Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs)
  • Budgeting and managing the legal matters to achieve the highest ROI
  • Asking for and getting the first assignment
  • Creating a post assignment opinion survey
  • Developing a post-assignment strategy to turn the first assignment into a long term relationship
  • Keeping the newly acquired client



Each partner will need to:

  • Be familiar with presentation software
  • have selected fifty prospects prior to the workshop.
  • be familiar with LPM software and CRM prospecting database software